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Corporate Responsibility

As a listed company, Sampo plc has the responsibility of acting in the best interests of its shareholders, in compliance with legislation and in accordance with sound business practices. The core values; ethicality, loyalty, transparency and enterprise, relate to the entire Group. Sampo Group is committed to applying these values in all of its operations and with all interest groups.

Sampo Group is managed according to healthy and sound business principles. Sampo Group aims at anticipating changes in society and the capital market, and adapting its operations to these changes. Sampo Group aims to provide a non-discriminative, agreeable and open work environment. Through its services, Sampo Group, for its part, aims at contributing towards the wellbeing and safety of society. Sampo Group is aware of its corporate responsibility and is committed to developing its operations to further economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Corporate Responsibility in Sampo Group (Annual Report 2016)

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Updated 03/21/2017