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Base Prospectuses and Supplements

Below is a link to each Sampo plc's EMTN Programme Base Prospectus (and Supplements) to the extent there is still outstanding issues under relevant Base Prospectus and Supplement(s). Please note that the issue specific documentation valid at the time of each issue can be found on "Public Debt" section of this website. 


EMTN Base Prospectus 04/06/2016

Supplement 11/03/2016


EMTN Base Prospectus 03/26/2015

Supplement 05/08/2015

Supplement 02/10/2016


EMTN Base Prospectus 04/04/2014

Supplement 08/29/2014


EMTN Base Prospectus 04/04/2013

Supplement 05/13/2013


EMTN Base Prospectus 04/04/2012

Supplement 05/21/2012

Supplement 11/05/2012


EMTN Base Prospectus 04/08/2011

Supplement 09/05/2011

Supplement 11/07/2011

Supplement 02/09/2012


EMTN Base Prospectus 04/08/2010

Supplement 11/12/2010

Supplement 02/10/2011


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Updated 11/03/2016