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Mandatum Life

Mandatum Life, a respected expert in money and life, offers private and corporate customers services in wealth management, rewards and personal insurance.

Mandatum Life’s main area of operation is Finland, where the company has 300,000 private customers and 20,000 corporate customers. In addition, Mandatum Life operates in all of the Baltic countries. In other Nordic countries, Mandatum Life’s clientele consists of institutional investors.

The focal point of Mandatum Life Group’s operations is wealth management and sales of unit-linked insurance policies and personal insurance. In 2017, Mandatum Life’s total market share of direct insurance was 21.1 per cent. Mandatum Life Group employs over 500 experts in money and life.

Mandatum Life actively develops its digital services, which enables the company to serve its existing and new customers even more efficiently.


Wealth management

Mandatum Life provides private investors, institutions and companies with a wide range of wealth management and investment services. More than 80 investment professionals take care of managing and growing the wealth of the company’s customers.

Personal insurance

Mandatum Life offers its private customers personal insurance to cover death, disability and critical illness, among other risks. The company’s corporate customers take out risk insurance policies with Mandatum Life to cover their employees at work and in their leisure time. Risk insurance results in cost savings for companies and helps commit key employees to the company.

Pension saving

Mandatum Life offers individual and group pension insurance to its corporate customers as a means of supplementing the pension security of their employees. Supplementing pension cover is a cost-effective and highly appreciated means of rewarding personnel in the long run.

Employee compensation and reward schemes

Mandatum Life offers expert services in personnel rewarding and a broad range of reward and compensation solutions. A well-planned employee reward scheme can have a substantial impact on the productivity of a company and ensure that rewarding supports the company’s strategy and goals. A responsible employer takes care of the well-being of its employees and ensures that its reward schemes are fair. Our service offering includes, for example, personal risk insurance, supplementary pension cover and personnel funds.

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Updated 4 Mar 2019