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Corporate Responsibility

Sampo Group is aware of its corporate responsibility and is committed to developing its operations to further economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Sampo Group's Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

General Business Principles

Sampo Group is managed according to healthy and sound business principles. Sampo complies in all its activities with locally applicable legislation and the rules and regulations of competent authorities. Sampo Group’s parent company, Sampo plc, as a publicly listed company, complies fully also with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, the rules of the Nasdaq Helsinki, applicable securities market legislation and authority regulations based on such legislation.

In addition to national laws and regulations, Sampo is committed to upholding internationally recognized human rights as defined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Sampo’s Role in Society

Sampo is committed to promoting the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability as is required by the interests of the company and its stakeholders.

Sampo promotes general social welfare and economic security of its customers by offering high quality insurance products in conformity with locally applicable legislation and authority regulations. Profitable business also facilitates Sampo to promote the healthy development of society not only as a reliable employer but also as a significant tax payer.

As a significant asset manager, Sampo can also promote the principles of sustainability in its investment approach. Sampo believes that integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in investment decision-making may have a positive impact on long-term returns. Sampo is currently developing Group level carbon footprint analysis and considering ways to integrate ESG criteria into investment decision-making.

Corporate Responsibility in Sampo Group (Annual Report 2017)

Corporate Responsibility at If P&C and Mandatum Life

Most of Sampo Group’s corporate responsibility work continues to be on the subsidiary level, since that is where the customers and most of the personnel are. The operations of Sampo Group’s insurance subsidiaries If P&C Insurance and Mandatum Life differ significantly from each other and, therefore, the nature of their corporate responsibility activities also differs to a great extent. The subsidiaries have their own frameworks of corporate responsibility reporting reflecting the special features of their businesses.

Corporate Responsibility at If P&C
Corporate Responsibility at Mandatum Life

Corporate Responsibility at Topdanmark

For Topdanmark, CSR goes hand in hand with the core business. The company's products and services ensure financial and social security for customers when damage has occurred or working life has ended. This is how Topdanmark makes a positive contribution to the Danish society as a whole.

Topdanmark joined the UN Global Compact in 2010. The company works on integrating the ten principles concerning human rights, employee rights, environment and anti-corruption in to the company's business through policies and other efforts. Global Compact provides an overall setting and is a source of inspiration for Topdanmark's CSR work.

Topdanmark also reports to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). CDP is an internationally recognized reporting system intended to allow investors access to standardized and comparable data on companies' impact on the environment, as well as, business risks and opportunities related to climate change.

Corporate Responsibility at Topdanmark

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Updated 06/07/2018