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Purpose and values

Sampo’s purpose and values have been defined on a group level. In addition, all insurance companies in Sampo Group have their own sets of principles to guide their operations. These can include e.g. purpose, vision, values, and customer promise.

Sampo Group’s purpose statement:

Safety and value through understanding risks.

  • We understand risks and manage them responsibly.
  • We provide security and create value to our stakeholders through our high-quality insurance solutions.

Sampo Group’s values:


  • We are a reliable, stable, and trustworthy partner for all our stakeholders.
  • We earn the trust of our stakeholders by acting in a fair and transparent way at all times.


  • We never compromise in achieving the best outcomes for our stakeholders.
  • We offer the most appropriate solutions for our customers’ needs.


  • We develop and attract expertise that is fundamental to our continued success.
  • We create unique capabilities that differentiate our proposition.
  • We aim for our operations to be best in class.
Updated 17 Jan 2023