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Mandatum Life

Mandatum Life offers its customers comprehensive services in prospering and preparing, including unit-linked investments and the related wealth management, personal insurance, pension and reward solutions for companies and the related consultation services.

The focal point of Mandatum Life’s new sales business is unit-linked insurance, such as group pension insurance and capital redemption contracts, personnel funds and insurance covering personal risks. For these, Mandatum Life has its own sales channels in Finland: sales groups specialised in corporate sales, wealth managers focused on wealth management customers and customer services that focus on managing the existing clientele and on additional services. Mandatum Life mainly operates in Finland and in the Baltic countries.

An increasing number of Mandatum Life’s private customers and company personnel use the company’s services through digital channels. Mandatum Life actively develops its digital services, which enables the company to offer its existing and new customers even more diversified and efficient services.

A broad offering of wealth management services

Mandatum Life provides private investors, institutions and companies with a wide range of wealth management and investment services. More than 80 investment professionals take care of managing and growing the wealth of Mandatum Life’s customers.

Mandatum Life began offering to its customers its own wealth management services related to unit-linked contracts in 2008. The company makes its investment expertise and its position as a major investor available to its customers. This co-investing strategy approach means that we give our customers access to investments that are part of Mandatum Life’s and our partners’ successful balance-sheet investments. These investments are often alternative investments falling outside the traditional asset classes. Co-investing is available to institutional investors, wealth management customers and other customers in unit-linked services, e.g. pension insurance.

Services for corporate customers and entrepreneurs a strong strategic focus

Corporate clients are at the heart of Mandatum Life’s customer strategy, and the company’s goal is to strengthen its position as Finland’s largest life and supplementary pension insurer in the corporate segment.

Mandatum Life offers companies a broad range of services related to personnel rewards and incentives, such as pension and reward systems, related consultation and risk insurance. For entrepreneurs, Mandatum Life offers comprehensive services in preparing and prospering both personally and through their companies.

In Mandatum Life’s view, investing in personnel has a major impact on the length of work careers, employee motivation and on companies’ earnings power. Mandatum Life also expects that the need for Finns to secure their income during retirement will increase further in the next few years.

The employees insured through the companies and covered by the reward and incentive models create an excellent target group for Mandatum Life’s other services targeted at private customers.

Management of the with-profit insurance portfolio

In terms of Mandatum Life’s with-profit insurance portfolio, the company’s strategy is to maintain a sufficiently strong solvency position, which makes it possible to seek a higher long-term investment return than that offered by low-risk fixed income instruments. The goal will be to actively accelerate the downward trend of the with-profit portfolio. The declining insurance portfolio and the Solvency II transitional provisions will enable the company to carry out effective capital management also in the future.

Mandatum Life’s result consists of three components: investment result, risk result and expense result. In the expense and risk results, Mandatum Life seeks growth through both higher operational efficiency and volume growth. The company’s financial target is to achieve a return on equity (RoE) of at least 17.5 per cent.

Updated 4 Mar 2019