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Johanna Lamminen

Member, born 1966

CV, 2 January 2023

Member of the Board of Directors of Sampo plc since 9 April 2019.

CV, 2 January 2023


Tampere University of Technology

  • Doctor of Science in Technology 2016

Helsinki University of Technology

  • Master of Business (MBA) 1999


Gasum Ltd

  • Senior Advisor 2021-2022
  • CEO 2014-2021
  • Executive Vice President and Deputy to CEO 2013–2014

Danske Bank Finland Ltd

  • CEO 2012–2013

Sampo Bank Ltd

  • CFO 2011-2012

Evli Bank Ltd

  • CFO, Deputy to CEO 2005–2011

SSH Communication Security Corporation

  • CFO 1999–2005

Arcus Software Oy

  • Managing Director 1999–1999

Finnetcom Oy

  • Director 1996–1999

Elisa Communications (HPY)

  • Business Controller 1990–1997

Positions of Trust

Pohjan Voima Ltd

  • Board Member 2022-

Cargotec Corporation

  • Board Member 2017-

Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion

  • Chair of the Board 2020-
  • Board Member 2014-2019

The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA

  • Board Member 2020-

Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA

  • Board Member 2020-

CellMark AB

  • Board Member 2021-
  • Member of the Audit Committee 2021-

Savonlinna Opera Festival

  • Chair of the Board 2022-
  • Chair of the Board of Trustees 2017-2021
  • Member of the Board of Trustees 2015-2017

Sampo plc

  • Board Member 2019-
  • Member of the Audit Committee 2019-

Ms. Lamminen has been determined by Sampo's Board of Directors to be independent of the company and of major shareholders under the rules on Finnish Corporate Governance Code.