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Key Figures

The most important key figures relating to Sampo Group are split by business area and Group level. Sustainability key figures can be viewed here.

Key figures 2021

Sampo Group 2021*
Gross written P&C premiums (EURm) 7,644 
Underwriting profit (EURm) 1,282 
Profit before taxes (EURm) 3,171**
Combined ratio (%) 81.4 
Earnings per share (EUR) 4.63 
Earnings per share, based on OCI (EUR) 5.90 
Dividend per share (EUR) 4.10 
Solvency II ratio, including dividend accrual (%) 185 
Financial leverage (%) 23.8 
Return on equity (ROE) (%) 26.8 
Average number of staff 13,274 
Adjusted share price, high (EUR) 47.33 
Adjusted share price, low (EUR) 33.82 
Market capitalisation (EURm) 24,093 
If P&C 2021
Gross written premiums (EURm) 5,134 
Underwriting profit (EURm) 891 
Investment result (EURm) 234 
Profit before taxes (EURm) 1,077 
Combined ratio (%) 81.3 
Topdanmark 2021
Gross written premiums (EUR) 1,383 
Underwriting profit (EURm) 227 
Net income from investments (EURm) 1,359 
Profit before taxes (EURm) 346 
Combined ratio (%) 82.3 
Hastings 2021
Gross written premiums (EUR) 1,127 
Total revenue (EURm) 830 
Underwriting profit (EURm) 164 
Investment income (EURm) 11 
Profit before taxes (EURm) 127 
Operating ratio (%) 80.3 
Live customer policies (million) 3.1 
Mandatum 2021
Operational result (EURm) 45 
Investment result (EURm) 187 
Profit before taxes (EURm) 291 
Unit linked and other client assets (EURbn) 11.1 
Holding 2021
Profit before taxes (EURm) 1,331 

* Due to changing the key figures presented in this page, no comparison figures are shown. The key figures from previous years can be viewed here.

** Nordea- and Nordax-related accounting effects of EUR 982 million in January-December 2021 and EUR 746 million in October-December 2021, have been defined as extraordinary items in accordance with Sampo Group’s dividend policy.