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Co-operation between Jippii Group and Sampo for safer e-Commerce

SafeShop Services improve the consumer protection of the electronic shopping centre Kauppakeskus Jippii. In order to join the service, Sampo composes a safety profile of the merchant, in which the financial situation of the merchant, data security and consumer protection are established. A merchant who fulfils the safety requirements is allowed to use the SafeShop logo on its web pages and in marketing. The logo tells the consumer that the merchant is reliable and that shopping at the electronic shop is safe. Furthermore, the consumer does not have to take time to find out about the operations of the electronic shop.

Connected to SafeShop Services is a payment coverage insurance. It is an insurance subscribed to by the merchant on behalf of the customer, protecting the status of the customer in case of the merchant's possible insolvency. In such cases, the insurance covers the price the customer has paid for an undelivered product. If the consumer has returned the product, but due to the merchant's insolvency, fails to receive a refund, the insurance covers the consumer's loss.

"Since net customers find the reliability of electronic trade highly important, Sampo will develop products and services furthering the safety of electronic and mobile transactions. SafeShop is a part of this effort. Sampo wants to be a leading provider of safety solutions in web economy", says Project Manager Simo Harju at Sampo.

Kauppakeskus Jippii, operating within the and portals, is the largest electronic shopping centre in Finland. The merchants of Kauppakeskus Jippii include major Finnish web brands such as Hobby Hall, Netista, Smartit, HHnet and over 60 other web shops.

"The number of merchants who have joined the shopping centre expresses the belief in electronic trade and in our model of co-operation, in which the role of the big portal is to serve the merchants, guide business their way instead of trying to control customers surfing on the net and the cash flows", says Kari Kivelä, Manager of Electronic Trade at Jippii Group Oyj.

"The agreement of co-operation with Sampo will bring SafeShop to the attention of web consumers, thus improving the safety of web trade and customer trust in Jippii's web services".

Jippii Group Oyj is an internationally operating multiservice operator. In addition to Internet connections and services, Jippii Group Oyj offers GSM and SMS portal services, inexpensive international calls as well as content and value-added services. At the moment, the Jippii portals operate in 14 countries. The largest subsidiaries of the Jippii Group are located in Germany and Great Britain.

For further information, please contact
Project Manager Simo Harju, Sampo Insurance Company Ltd, tel. +358 10 514 2797,
Shop Manager Jouni Wahalahti, Kauppakeskus Jippii, Jippii Group Oyj, tel. +358 45 6700 283,