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Mandatum Bank Fully Owned by Sampo

The arbitration tribunal appointed by the Central Chamber of Commerce has on 29 November 2001 decided that Sampo plc has the undisputed right, in accordance with Chapter 14, Section 9 of the Companies Act, to redeem the remaining minority shares in Mandatum Bank Plc and to take ownership of the shares by depositing an eligible collateral for the payment of the redemption price.

The arbitration tribunal also confirmed the eligible collateral deposited by Sampo plc today. With the depositing of the collateral, the right of ownership to Mandatum Bank Plc's minority shares to be redeemed has been transferred to Sampo plc in accordance with Chapter 14, Section 21 of the Companies Act. The shares represent approximately 0.2 per cent of the Mandatum share capital and approximately 0.1 per cent of the votes.


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