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Sampo and Mandatum Mutual Fund and Asset Management businesses to be combined

In the future, Sampo Fund Management Ltd will manage both Sampo and Mandatum funds. Their aggregate value amounted to EUR 2.3 billion at the end of September, and their market share was 17.4% (14.8% on 31 December 2000).

Mandatum's and Sampo's asset management businesses will also be centralised into one company in such a manner that the business operations of Mandatum Asset Management Ltd will be combined with Mandatum Omaisuudenhoito Ltd (earlier Sampo-Leonia Asset Management Ltd). Mandatum Omaisuudenhoito is in charge of the majority of the investment operations of Sampo Fund Management Ltd's funds as well as of the contractual asset management of companies and corporations.

The total value of the contractual assets managed by Mandatum Omaisuudenhoito (incl. mutual funds) amounts to c EUR 10 billion, of which the Sampo Group has a share of less than 10%.

Kimmo Laaksonen, Managing Director, Sampo Fund Management Ltd,
tel. +358 10 236 5001, mobile +358 50 324 5006
Ari Aaltonen, Managing Director, Mandatum Omaisuudenhoito Ltd,
tel. +358 10 236 5310, mobile +358 543 4214