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Sampo's Split Share on the Stock Exchange List on 23 April 2001

The amendment to §5 in Sampo plc's Articles of Association, pertaining to the split of the company's share (1:5) has today been entered in the Trade Register. The split shares will be traded on Helsinki Exchanges as of Monday 23 April 2001.

The trade in Sampo shares (SAMAS) and warrants (SAMASEW198) will today exceptionally end already at 6.30 p.m. The Sampo shares and warrants will not be traded in the after-hours trading II on Monday either.

The subscription ratio of Sampo's bond loan with warrants programme will change due to the split of the shares. One warrant (SAMASEW198) will entitle to five Sampo A shares. The subscription price of one share is EUR 6.87 (not an exact value). The share subscription price will be deducted on the matching day of distribution of dividends by the amount of dividends to be distributed before the subscription for shares, without excluding the amount of the avoir fiscal tax credit. The share subscription period ends on 31 May 2005 for all warrants.


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