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The New Equity Fund investing in Japan

The investment activities of Sampo Fund Management Ltd's new equity fund Sampo Japani Osake commenced on 8 August 2001. Subscriptions can be made immediately since the fund exceptionally has no provisional subscription period. The fund's portfolio manager is Schroder Investment Management International Ltd, which has a lengthy experience of equity investments in Japan.

The new equity fund complements the entity of equity funds investing in Asia and the Pacific area managed by Sampo Fund Management. The range includes Sampo-Leonia Aasia Osake, a fund investing, in addition to Japan, also in other parts of Asia and the Pacific area, and Mandatum Aasia, a fund concentrating on the Pacific area and Asia, excluding Japan.

- Aasia Osake is a basic product for newcomers to this market. An increasingly larger number of private and institutional investors in particular wish to concentrate their portfolio even more carefully also in Asia, says Kimmo Laaksonen, Managing Director of Sampo Fund Management.

- Japan is one of the world's leading economic areas. Although the country's financial outlook does not appear very bright at the moment, an investor looking to diversify his equity portfolio globally cannot overlook Japan, states Laaksonen. The Japanese share prices are now at their lowest since the mid-80s, which could increase investors' interest.

Fees and minimum subscriptions of Sampo Japani Osake:

Lump-sum investment at least EUR 500
Continuous saving at least EUR 30 / each
Subscription fee 1.00%, however, at least EUR 8
Redemption fee 1.00%, however, at least EUR 8
Administration and
custody fee 1.50% / p.a.

The fund can be linked to Sampo Life's unit-linked insurance policies.

Other funds investing in Asia managed by Sampo Fund Management:

Mutual fund Sampo-Leonia Aasia Osake
- assets being invested in shares in Japan and in other parts of Asia and the Pacific area
- focus on Japan, approximately 80% of investments

Mandatum Aasia
- assets being invested in shares in Asia and the Pacific area, excluding Japan

Kimmo Laaksonen, Managing Director, tel. +358 10 236 5001
Jouko Kantola, Vice President, Marketing, tel. +358 10 236 5014