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Sampo plc warranted shares

The subsequent share capital increase of EUR 84.09 in total has been entered into the Finnish Trade Register today. Sampo plc's share capital after the increase amounts to EUR 93,560,507.27 and the number of A shares totals 555,085,515 shares. After the increase, the total number of shares of the company, including 1,200,000 B shares, comprises 556,285,515 shares.

The new shares will be taken up for trading at the Helsinki Exchanges on or about 15 October 2002 and they will entitle to dividend from the accounting period 2002.

Each warrant certificate from the Sampo 1998 option programme entitles to a subscription of five (5) A shares. The current subscription price is EUR 6.12 per share. The subscription price will be reduced annually with the amount paid in dividend. The subscription period ends on 31 May 2005. Subsequent to the share subscriptions now made, the number of remaining A/B/C warrants amounts to 3,159,890. The warrants are subject to trading on the Helsinki Exchanges.


Hannu Vuola
Head of Group Communications
Tel. +358 10 514 0040