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Own shares in Sampo plc's joint book-entry account

Sampo plc's Annual General Meeting made on 27 April 2017 a decision on the forfeiture of the shares registered on the joint book-entry account and the rights carried by such shares. The decision did not apply to shares whose transfer into the book-entry system had been validly requested by 2pm on 27 April 2017 and whose request for conversion after the conversion period was finalized by 31 October 2017. The afore-mentioned requests have been completed on 30 November 2017.

The provisions on company's own shares are applied to the shares in the joint book-entry account in accordance with Companies Act and based on the decision by the Annual General Meeting the Board will cancel these shares.

The number of own shares in the joint account on 1 December 2017 amounted to 4,648,150 corresponding 0.8 per cent of Sampo plc's total number of shares and votes. The number of shares on the joint account had decreased by 2,154,710 shares since November 2016 when Sampo made the last attempts to reach the holders of the share certificates not transferred into the book-entry system. 

The cancellation is effective after it is registered with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. Subject to the registration, Sampo plc's total amount of shares will be to 555,351,850, which are divided into 554,151,850 A shares and 1,200,000 B shares. Total number of votes attached to the shares is 560,151,850.


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