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Employee Engagement

An engaged, committed, and motivated workforce lays the ground for value creation.

Motivated employees equal better everyday performance, but also increased intellectual capital value. Employee engagement is a competitive advantage that cannot be copied. Employee engagement at Sampo Group links directly to employee well-being, diversity, and professional development.


A modern and complex service organization like If, with a competent and highly trained staff, encourages individual employees to take responsibility for customer service, performance, and development. At If, this is called employeeship. Strengthening employeeship and making it a cornerstone of the company's culture is a key priority. To support these efforts, If has developed an Employeeship Model and is promoting it through intranet articles, workshops, and presentations, and also in development discussions, appraisals, training programs, and employee surveys.

Employeeship Model, If

If has worked on implementing employeeship thinking deeper into the organization through strategic activities focusing on customer orientation. Employee engagement and a sense of ownership are key factors to an improved customer experience.

If's key personnel processes are being reviewed and revised based on the Employeeship Model. For example, in 2017, an updated mid-year review process was launched. The aim was to make the mid-year review discussions more interactive and supportive of a true employeeship approach, in which employee engagement and initiative are central to progress and development.

At If, employee satisfaction is measured twice a year. The aim is to provide an overview of the current situation and further strengthen the collaboration between team members and between the team and the leader. The questions are divided into three categories, Environment & Culture, Leadership, and Self & Team, in line with If's Employeeship Model.

Overall, the employee satisfaction survey results, including the employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS), have been on a very good level. During 2017, the eNPS results were analyzed in further detail and interviews were held with team leaders to understand the factors behind the lower scores in some units and determine actions going forward. If aims to work further on strengthening employee engagement, mainly through development of the Employeeship Model.


Topdanmark wants to promote a motivating and inspiring work environment. For many years, Topdanmark has conducted an employee satisfaction survey as a part of the company's efforts to promote job satisfaction and the commitment of its employees. In 2016 and 2017, other methods for evaluating employee satisfaction and commitment were tested, involving approximately 900 employees. Based on that work, at the end of 2017, Topdanmark decided on a new direction and a model for how to use employee satisfaction and commitment surveys in the future.

The objectives of Topdanmark's new job satisfaction survey and the methods to be used can be found in Topdanmark's CSR Report 2017. Topdanmark will implement the new method for evaluating employee satisfaction and commitment in 2018.

Mandatum Life

Mandatum Life is proactively identifying and fostering the growing potential that lies within the company and thereby ensuring that it is an attractive workplace for new talent. This requires a culture with a low hierarchy, confidence building, and employee engagement.

Employee satisfaction is one of Mandatum Life's long-term strategic targets. At Mandatum Life, it is believed that a positive employee experience leads to a good customer experience. The objective is to build a work culture based on trust, where having the right people in the right places results in the highest quality of service for the company's customers.

Mandatum Life measures its employee satisfaction every year through the Great Place to Work Finland survey. The target is for 90 per cent of Mandatum Life's personnel to feel that they are employed in a very good workplace. Mandatum Life's focus on well-being at work has paid off. In 2017, the target was exceeded for the third year in a row and was 94 per cent (92). In addition, Mandatum Life's efforts to provide a truly good workplace for its employees are bearing fruit. According to the survey carried out in 2017, 91 per cent of the company's personnel would recommend Mandatum Life as a workplace.

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Updated 07/05/2018