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Topdanmark wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of society. Therefore, Topdanmark aims to combine the company's business goals with climate and environmental considerations.

Topdanmark has impacts on the environment directly through the company's business operations and indirectly through its business activities. The company's own activities are the main priority for Topdanmark, as that is where the company can have the most influence and possibilities to initiate measures.

Topdanmark has set a goal with regard to CO2 emissions, because that is the most relevant area for Topdanmark to work on. The goal was to maintain the 2014 level of CO2 emissions until the end of 2017. The goal was achieved in 2017, and Topdanmark also reduced the absolute CO2 emissions by 6.5 per cent compared to 2016. The reduction is primarily due to the production of CO2-neutral power from the company's solar cell system.

Topdanmark is continuously implementing energy optimization in its business operations, including IT. The company has a solar cell system at its head office in Ballerup, Denmark, which provides approximately 20 per cent of the required energy every year. In addition, in 2017, a solar cell system was installed at Topdanmark's Viby office, which will help reduce the company's CO2 emissions further in the future.

Topdanmark has defined a new goal for the reduction of CO2 emissions for 2021: 5 per cent in absolute reductions in relation to the 2017 emissions of 4,750 tons of CO2. Energy optimization and CO2 reduction will, in the future, result primarily from the procurement of new IT equipment and other equipment with lower energy consumption and with an increased preference for video meetings.

Topdanmark also reports to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international environment reporting initiative, which works for transparency and dialogue around CO2 emissions and climate strategies in businesses, with the purpose of making such information available to investors. In 2017, Topdanmark's rating was C, the same as in 2016. The average for all responses to the CDP was C-. More information and numerical data on Topdanmark's environmental matters can be found in the company's CSR Report 2017 and the Environment Report to CDP, both available on Topdanmark's website.

Total CO2 Emissions (tons), Topdanmark

CO2 Emissions per Employee (tons), Topdanmark

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Updated 07/05/2018