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Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and promote peace and prosperity for all by 2030.

The agenda was adopted by all UN member states in 2015 and was originally intended for governments in both developed and developing countries to address sustainable development, but the success of the framework relies on collaboration between governments, businesses, and the civil society. The framework consists of 17 SDGs with a total of 169 targets, which are interlinked. Companies can use the framework to evaluate how their business advances sustainable development, by both minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts.

More about the Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs provide a common framework in which companies can work and report on their sustainability principles and targets. In 2019, Sampo plc assessed the SDGs and the underlying targets in order to identify group-level SDGs. The work was conducted together with an external partner to ensure a comprehensive review. During the project, all 17 SDGs and 169 targets were evaluated in relation to the Group companies’ businesses and the Group’s corporate responsibility themes. The aim was to identify the SDGs that Sampo Group can impact the most.

According to the assessment, Sampo Group has a strong impact on SDGs 3, 5, 8, 12, and 13, and a medium impact on SDGs 4, 10, 11, and 17. The assessment showed that Sampo Group can have an impact on all the SDGs, for example through procurement processes, but the focus is on the ones with strong and medium impact.

Strong Impact


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

Sampo Group promotes welfare for customers, employees, and society in general. The Group companies’ aim is to provide safety and financial security in times of need, and to raise awareness of preventative measures to ensure healthy lives for everyone. Life and non-life companies of the Group actively work to ensure that their customers have the right amount of insurance coverage and receive the best service.

The key to success in the financial sector is a motivated and driven workforce. Sampo Group promotes the mental and physical well-being of its employees and encourages a good work-life balance. Mental and physical well-being are managed by offering employees meaningful work assignments, possibilities to develop skills, and a low organizational hierarchy, as well as through employee healthcare, benefits, sports, stress prevention, and counseling.


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

All Sampo Group companies strive to achieve equal gender representation across operations and management, including the Board of Directors. In general, the gender distribution in all companies is fairly even, although top management is more male dominated. Sampo plc’s Policy on Diversity with Regard to the Board of Directors states that both genders shall be represented on the Board of Directors and that the target for both genders is a share of at least 37.5 per cent of the total number of members. Gender equality is actively promoted throughout the Group. Women are encouraged to apply for positions at higher management levels and to participate in talent programs for future leaders. Several initiatives, such as the FEMALE@if network and mentoring programs, promote diversity and gender equality.

More information:
Board Diversity
Diversity and Equality


Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all

Sampo Group adheres to high ethical and social standards in its business operations and in relationships with stakeholders. As a strong Nordic insurance Group, Sampo Group provides stability by offering fair and reliable products and services and by being a significant employer, partner, and taxpayer.

Sampo Group has signed the UN Global Compact and is committed to upholding human rights, supporting labor rights and the freedom of association, promoting environmental responsibility, and working against corruption. Sampo Group updated its Code of Conduct in 2019 to better reflect the principles of the UN Global Compact. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by group-level principles on remuneration, compliance, and risk management, which guide the operations and form the basis for company-specific policies. The group-level principles and company-specific policies are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that corporate governance meets demands and is well organized.

Sampo Group values and promotes the engagement, health and well-being, and professional development of its employees. This includes developing leadership practices, supporting competence development, and providing a healthy and safe workplace.


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Businesses across the globe have taken action to reach the climate goals. Companies can seize new business opportunities by creating sustainable products and solutions and, at the same time, nudging customers to make environmentally friendly choices.

If and Topdanmark have selected SDG number 12 as a goal in which they have a strong impact. Both companies work toward reducing waste, as well as increasing repairs and recycling in their own operations and supply chains. If is engaging actively with its supply chain and has produced a Supplier Code of Conduct that sets the minimum requirements for suppliers and partners. Topdanmark has set clear KPIs for 2021 for repairs and recycling in their insurance operations and for reducing plastic in their offices. The Group companies also develop digital services and encourage clients to select the paper-free solution for invoices and claims.

All Sampo Group companies are also making their offices more sustainable, for example by using solar panels or electricity from renewable sources, recycling waste, minimizing food waste in the canteens, replacing plastic bottles and cups with reusable ones, reducing printing, and facilitating videoconferences to reduce business travel. If Finland is a certified Green Office. 


Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

The consequences of climate change are already visible, for example in the form of extreme weather, floods, and forest fires, which cause devastation, ruin crops, and disrupt lives all over the world. Such events affect customers’ financial situation and the whole economy, which means that the importance of risk management, loss prevention, and disaster resilience is higher than ever. If and Topdanmark are working on these issues with both homeowners and businesses, for example through on-site risk assessments, intelligent alarm systems, and contacting clients to advise on actions prior to and after an event.

Sampo Group measures the environmental impact of its operations by calculating GHG emissions. The carbon footprint of investments is measured annually and the results are published in the Corporate Responsibility report (page 94).

SDG 13, Climate Change, is closely linked to SDGs 11 and 12, Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Consumption. 

Medium Impact


Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all

Education is a key factor for a better life. Equal educational opportunities should be available to all, regardless of background or the family’s financial situation. Sampo plc supports organizations working with children from disadvantaged families through an annual Christmas donation. In 2019, Sampo donated EUR 50,000 to the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation’s Christmas campaign to help youth in difficult situations.


Reduce inequality within and among countries

SDG number 10 is closely linked to SDG number 5, Gender Equality. Being treated fairly and equally regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation is a basic human right. A diverse working environment boosts innovation and growth of intellectual capital through a wealth of perspectives and through the satisfaction that employees feel from working for a company with sound and modern values. Diversity and non-discrimination are highlighted in Sampo Group’s governance documents. Sampo Group’s Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility program emphasize Sampo’s ambition to create an open and diverse corporate culture, engage employees, and support professional development. There is zero tolerance for any kind of bullying and harassment, and managers and employees are trained to recognize unconscious bias.

If has introduced an internal orientation program for new employees, which includes materials and seminars on If’s corporate culture, values, and common goals. The purpose of the program is to welcome newcomers and integrate them into the If community.


Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

Society is changing, and the insurance industry with it. Opportunities and challenges brought on by climate change and the development of new technologies are shifting the focus toward predicting and preventing damage. Insurance companies can contribute by conducting risk analyses and sharing data, as well as developing products and services aimed at loss prevention. Initiatives concerning, for example, road safety, resilience against natural hazards, cyber threats, and business continuity will increase in the future.

If promotes road safety and focuses especially on children in traffic, by both educating children and raising awareness among the general public to avoid injuries and fatalities. Every year in August, If Finland runs a campaign reminding drivers that there are now new schoolchildren walking and biking to school, and that these children are still learning traffic regulations and getting about on their own. If Finland also has a safety fund, to which kindergartens, schools, clubs, and associations can apply for safety-related products such as reflectors and reflective vests, which are needed during the dark winter months. Safety-related products are also sold in If’s Nordic webshops. 


Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

A stable and well-functioning insurance market is of major importance to society at large. The insurance industry is highly regulated, and Sampo Group cooperates with the supervisory authorities and other companies and organizations in the financial sector. Sampo Group manages its businesses responsibly, and always with the best interests of customers, employees, and shareholders in mind. Sampo Group’s principles in business and professional ethics are described in the Sampo Group Code of Conduct.

Sampo Group companies are involved in several different initiatives and networks both in domestic markets and globally. The aim of these commitments is to improve Sampo Group’s sustainability work, build partnerships, and report on progress.

Further information can be found in the Corporate Responsibility Report (page 17).

SDGs and investments

Sampo Group may also impact the SDGs both positively and negatively through the Group’s investments. Investments are currently screened against international norms and standards laid down in international conventions, such as the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy, and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Implementing the United Nations 'Protect, Respect and Remedy' Framework. In addition, Sampo conducts sector-based screening against sensitive sectors Sampo has identified. Sampo also seeks to be an active owner and to influence the companies it invests in through dialogue instead of exclusion. More on responsible investing in Sampo Group can be found in the section Responsibility in Investments.

Mandatum Life’s Wealth Management promotes responsible investing to its customers and has developed guidelines for responsible investments in cooperation with WWF Finland. More about Mandatum Life’s principles regarding responsible investing can be found on Mandatum Life’s website .

Sustainable Development Goals Selected by If and Topdanmark

In addition to the group-level SDGs, Sampo plc’s subsidiaries If and Topdanmark have identified the SDGs that are most relevant for them, and they are working on integrating the SDGs into their core businesses. More information on If and Topdanmark’s selected SDGs can be found in the companies’ corporate responsibility reports available in the section Corporate Responsibility Reports.

Updated 19 Mar 2021