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Employee Engagement

An engaged, committed, and motivated workforce lays the ground for value creation. Motivated employees mean better everyday performance, but also increased intellectual capital value. Sampo Group values and promotes the engagement of its employees. This includes developing leadership practices, supporting professional development, and ensuring employee well-being by providing a healthy and safe workplace.

In Sampo Group, employee engagement is measured by employee turnover and employee satisfaction. Turnover is calculated and reported on a group level and on a company level. Employee satisfaction surveys are used at a company level to measure employee engagement and employee satisfaction. These surveys are conducted at company level to ensure the suitability of the surveys for each Group company and their individual needs and characteristics.

In Sampo Group, the employee turnover rates are at a reasonable level. Employees have typically enjoyed working in the Group companies, and periods of employment have been long. Employees have also had opportunities to change jobs within the Group. However, there are business areas in which the turnover is higher, due mainly to the nature of the business or the situation in the labor market.

Employee Turnover by Company, Sampo Group, 2019


Employee Turnover by Country (%), Sampo Group 2019
Sweden 16.6
Estonia 15.4
Denmark 13.1
Lithuania 11.4
Latvia 10.9
Norway 8.0
Finland 7.5
Other countries 6.9
Total 11.9

External turnover including monthly paid permanent employees. Calculated using headcount.

Further information can be found in the Corporate Responsibility Report (page 76).

Updated 7 May 2020