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Materiality Analysis

Sampo plc has conducted a materiality analysis to identify the most material sustainability themes for the entire Group. The results of the analysis help Sampo to focus efforts on the most relevant sustainability topics for the Group and its stakeholders.

Key stakeholder groups considered during the process include investors, Group personnel, customers of the Group companies, analysts, media, and authorities. In addition, regulatory requirements regarding current and future sustainability reporting, industry best practices, relevant reporting frameworks (e.g., the GRI Standards, the TCFD), and the views of various ESG rating agencies were considered during the process. Insights gathered from external sources were reviewed and prioritised internally.

Based on the materiality analysis process, Sampo Group currently has five strategic sustainability themes: Sustainable Business management and operations, Sustainable corporate culture, Sustainable investment management and operations, Sustainable products and services, and Sustainable communities. Under each of these themes, most material sustainability topics have been identified.

Strategic sustainability themes and objectives

Sampo plc completed the first materiality analysis in 2016 with an external partner. Since then, internal reviews of the most material themes and topics have been completed as part of the development and update of the Sampo Group sustainability programme in 2019 and 2021. The next comprehensive materiality analysis is planned to be completed before the end of 2023. The idea is to do a double materiality analysis according to the requirements of the latest legislation.

In addition to the materiality analysis of Sampo plc, which focuses on the Group perspective, the individual Group companies have conducted materiality analyses for their own purposes. The results of the Group companies’ analysis are available in their respective sustainability reports.

Updated 12 Aug 2022