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Sampo has gone through many stages to become the Nordic financials group it is today. Sampo has become one of the highest valued companies on Nasdaq Helsinki.


Topdanmark becomes Sampo's associated company

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Sampo plc’s ownership of Topdanmark exceeds 33,34 per cent after the acquisition of shares from If P&C and in the market. Topdanmark becomes Sampo’s associated company. Following completion of a mandatory offer made for the shareholders of Topdanmark, Sampo holds 41.11 per cent of the share capital of Topdanmark in October 2016.


Sampo's share price reaches all-time high

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Sampo's share price reaches an all-time high close as in April 2015 its A share exceeds  EUR 49.00 on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.


Topdanmark becomes If's associated company

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Sampo Group's holding in the Danish insurance company Topdanmark exceeds 20 per cent in May 2011. As a result, Topdanmark is treated as an
associated company.


Nordea becomes Sampo's associated company

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Sampo has increased its holding in Nordea Bank Ab, the largest bank in the Nordic countries, since the autumn of 2006. The holding exceeds 10 per cent in February 2008 and 20 per cent in December 2009. At the end of 2009, Nordea becomes an associate company of Sampo. Sampo currently owns more than 20 per cent of Nordea.


Kari Stadigh takes the helm as Group CEO and President

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Kari Stadigh becomes Group CEO and President in April 2009. He succeeds Björn Wahlroos, who is elected Chairman of the Sampo Board.


Sampo divests Sampo Bank to Danske Bank

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In November 2006, Sampo announces that the company is selling its entire share capital of Sampo Bank to the Danish Danske Bank. The transaction is valued at more than EUR 4 billion, making it the single largest cash transaction in Finnish economic history.

The transaction is closed following the authorities' approval at the end of January 2007. In autumn 2012, Sampo Bank adopts the name Danske Bank.


Property and casualty insurance operations are combined with If P&C Insurance

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A major step towards the current group form is taken in 2002 when Sampo becomes owner in If P&C Insurance, operating in the Nordic region. Two years later, Sampo buys out the other owners, i.e. the Swedish Skandia, Norwegian Storebrand and Finnish Varma, and If becomes a fully-owned subsidiary of Sampo.

Owing to the acquisition, Sampo becomes a major operator in the Nordic countries. The foothold achieved in Estonia and elsewhere in the Baltic region is expanded to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Sampo currently has operations in eight countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions and Russia.


Mandatum Bank is merged into Sampo-Leonia

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An Extraordinary General Meeting approves the merger of the investment bank Mandatum into Sampo-Leonia, and Mandatum Bank is merged into the Sampo-Leonia Group in February 2001. This also saw Björn Wahlroos, the owner and Chairman of the Board of Mandatum, begin his term as the Group CEO.


Sampo and Leonia merge

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At the turn of the millennium, the merger between Sampo and the state-owned Leonia Bank is announced. In December 2000, Sampo Insurance Company and Leonia, the successor of Postipankki, merge to form Sampo-Leonia Financial Group. The State of Finland becomes a major owner in Sampo.


Sampo Life is created

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As the recession eases halfway through the 1990s, increased prosperity creates greater demand for life insurance and long-term savings products. In order to meet this demand, a new subsidiary, Sampo Life, is established. The company launches operations at the beginning of 1997. Sampo Life is now known as Mandatum Life.

In December 1998, the life insurers Sampo Life and Nova merge under Sampo Life's name. Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company remains an important partner for Sampo throughout these changes.


Mergers of the Industrial Mutual Insurance Company and Kansa General

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In the 1990s, Sampo evolves into a major national financial services provider and the largest P&C insurance company in Finland through restructuring.

The period of restructuring begins when Sampo acquires the Industrial Mutual Insurance Company and the businesses are consolidated into a new P&C group as of the beginning of 1994. Otso is also merged into the company.

Kansa General becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sampo in spring 1994. At the end of 1995 Kansa is merged into Sampo.


Sampo is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange

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Sampo, which was founded in Turku, south-west Finland, in 1909, had been a mutual insurance company for decades. Consequently, it was a major decision to publicly list the company. The listing was preceded by a change in company form, which entailed that Sampo's customers, policyholders, become shareholders overnight. Millions of stock certificates are printed for the shareholders who initially amount to more than 800,000.

Sampo's A share is quoted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange for the first time on 14 January 1988. The average price on the first day of trading is around 500 Finnish mark. Sampo is the 11th most-actively traded share of the day.

Soon after the listing, Sampo carries out two successful share issues to raise 1.8 billion Finnish markka.

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