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Interruption in the Sampo's Bank Services Due to Euro Conversion Sunday 30 December 2001 between 0.00 Midnight and 12 Noon

During the service interruption, Sampo's Web and Telephone Bank are out of service. Sampo cards cannot be used in payment ATMs, nor can cash be withdrawn from ATMs during that time. The information section of the Web Bank provides more information about the changes caused by the introduction of the euro.

The Sampo Bank cards can be used as normal during the break up to the balance check limit. The limit varies according to service provider. The credit function of the Visa card can also be used as normal. The Visa Electron card cannot be used for payments during the service interruption.

The sending of machine coded payment instalments as well as the retrieving of return material of corporate customers function as normal.

For further information, please contact
Olavi Luukkonen, EMU Co-ordinator, Sampo Bank, tel. +358 40 548 4660