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Sampo-Leonia's new postal address and telephone number +358 10 515 10

New telephone numbers have been taken into use at Sampo-Leonia. The new telephone number when calling from outside Finland is +358 10 515 10, by which you can reach all subsidiaries of Sampo-Leonia Insurance Company, i.e. Leonia Bank, Sampo Life Insurance Company, Sampo-Leonia Fund Management, Sampo-Leonia Asset Management, Sampo Enterprise Insurance Company, and Industrial Insurance Company. All Sampo-Leonia offices in Finland and the Group's co-operation companies Varma-Sampo and Kaleva can also be reached by this number. The previous exchange numbers of Sampo and Leonia will for the time being operate in addition to the new numbers.

Sampo-Leonia Contact Centre in English +358 200 2590

The previous service numbers of Leonia have been taken into use as a joint number at the Sampo-Leonia Contact Centre. The previous number of Sampo's call centre and other Sampo service numbers are operating for the time being.

The personal banking and insurance services in Finnish can be reached at the number + 358 200 2580, in Swedish at + 358 200 2570 and in English at +358 200 2590. Automatic banking services are available 24 hours a day at the number +358 200 2580 by using the service keys.

Sampo-Leonia's new postal addresses

The new postal addresses of Sampo-Leonia in the Helsinki region and in Turku as of the turn of the year are:

Banking, Helsinki:
P.O. BOX 1022

Insurance, Helsinki:
P.O. BOX 1074

Insurance, Turku:
P.O. BOX 2021