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Sonera to deliver Communications Network services to Sampo

Sonera Solutions Ltd and ja Sampo-Leonia plc have concluded an agreement on communications network services. The agreement comprises of the planning, implementation, maintenance, control, management, and development of the Sampo Group's communications network. The agreement in its entirety is valued at several tens of millions Finnish marks.

The combining of the communications networks of Sampo and Leonia that merged at the turn of the year will last until next autumn. "For Sonera, the combining project is a challenge, as the customer's operating environment changes all the time", says Account Manager Jari Asunmaa from Sonera.

The new communications network comprises of the Group's office network, the data connections between machine exchanges, payment dispenser connections and ePiste connections. There will be a total some 280 ePiste points. In addition to the offices, ePiste points will be placed in about a hundred public localities, e.g. supermarkets.

The data transmission of over 300 payment dispensers will be processed by the Sonera FastNet service that enables secure and controlled connections. As to the data transmission of the main offices, it has been implemented with the Sonera DataNet service concept's rapid and secure products that are based on ATM, ADSL and Frame Relay techniques and provide flexible connection with both lower and broadband speeds.

The method of implementation of the communications network to be built for Sampo and the equipment and other solutions to be delivered for the network enable a flexible transfer to the use of versatile traffic management services in Sonera's next generation IP multiservice network.

"The agreement concluded with Sonera covers the most of Sampo's communications needs. The agreement enables us to reach Sampo's and Leonia's merger's synergy benefits related to communications services. The new agreement reduces the costs by ca 30 %, while the connection speeds of the offices rise considerably. The higher transfer rates enable the utilizing of the new services in the office network", tells Head of IT Matti J. Ylilammi from the Sampo Group.

More information:

Sonera Solutions Ltd, Account manager Jari Asunmaa, tel. +358 2040 65995, email:
Sonera Solutions Ltd, Product Group Manager Olli Kalliokoski, tel. +358 2040 63233, email:
Sampo Group, Head of IT Matti J. Ylilammi, tel. +358 10 513 5953, GSM +358 40 510 008, email: