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Sampo to lauch a new long-term incentive scheme

Continuity is emphasized in committing and remunerating Sampo Group's management and other key employees. Sampo plc's Board of Directors has today decided to adopt a new long-term incentive scheme 2011:1. The scheme is targeted at Sampo Group's management and other key employees. Altogether approximately 115 people are participants in the scheme.

The scheme includes at maximum 4.5 million incentive units of which a minimum of 95 per cent will be allocated during September to October 2011 and a maximum of 5 per cent will be allocated during September 2012. The potential payments shall be divided for the years 2014-2016 for the units allocated in 2011 and for the years 2015-2017 for the units possibly allocated in 2012.

The allocation of incentive units shall be based on a combination of the assessment of the performance of the individual, of the business area and/or business unit concerned and of the overall results of the relevant Sampo Group company or of Sampo Group. Also qualitative criteria shall be taken into account in the assessment.

According to the new scheme, incentive rewards to be paid are based on the price of Sampo plc's A share on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd and the payments shall be made on condition that the insurance margin and return on capital at risk, determined in the terms and conditions of the scheme, exceed specified threshold values.

A deferral rule applies to incentive rewards paid to key employees defined as risk takers (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and key employees receiving significant variable compensation (Finland). According to the deferral rule 60 per cent of the net incentive rewards will be paid in shares and 40 per cent in cash. These shares will be subject to disposal restrictions for three years from the date when the installment was paid.

The terms of the incentive scheme 20011:1 are available at

The starting price and a theoretical market price for the scheme are available at the same address on 29 September 2011.

Sampo has today also published the updated Compensation Principles at the website



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