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Good results for all of Sampo Group's business areas in January - June 2013

Sampo Group's profit before taxes for the first half of 2013 amounted to EUR 825 million compared to EUR 813 million a year earlier. The total comprehensive income for the period, taking changes in the market value of assets into account, decreased to EUR 579 million (846) largely because of the depreciation of Swedish krona and the decrease in the market value of investment assets.

- All business areas reported good results and If P&C's combined ratio was even excellent. Combined ratio equals to the record from a year ago, says Group CEO and President Kari Stadigh.

P&C insurance operations reported a combined ratio of 88.8 per cent (88.8) for the first half of 2013, despite the lowering of the interest rate used to discount the Finnish annuity reserves to 2.5 per cent.

Key Figures

  • Sampo Group's earnings per share rose to EUR 1.27 (1.24) and mark-to-market EPS was EUR 1.03 per share (1.51).
  • The return on equity for the Group amounted to 11.6 per cent for the period (18.9).
  • Net asset value per share on 30 June 2013 was EUR 19.27 (17.38).
  • The fair value reserve after tax on the Group level decreased to EUR 710 million (749).
  • The profit before taxes for the P&C insurance operations was EUR 473 million (452).
  • Sampo's share of Nordea's profit for the first half of 2013 was EUR 319 million (326).
  • Profit before taxes for the life insurance operations rose to EUR 69 million (65). The interest rate used to discount with profit liabilities was lowered and consequently all with profit policies are discounted with 2.5 per cent in 2013 and 2014.

Outlook for the rest of 2013

Sampo Group's business areas are expected to report good operating results for 2013.

However, the mark-to-market results are, particularly in life insurance, highly dependent on capital market developments. The low interest rate level also creates a challenging environment for reinvestment in fixed income assets.

The P&C insurance operations are expected to reach their long-term combined ratio target of below 95 per cent in 2013 and achieve a combined ratio of 88 - 91 per cent. Nordea's contribution to the Group's profit is expected to be significant.

Please find Sampo Group's results for January - June 2013 as well as a Supplementary Financial Information Package at

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