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Letter sent to owners of the shares on Sampo's joint book-entry account

Sampo plc has today sent the attached letter to shareholders who have not yet registered their Sampo shares into a book-entry account. The letters were sent to private persons who were registered as shareholders on Sampo's shareholders' register dated on 12 September 1997.

Sampo aims at reaching as many holders of Sampo plc's old share certificates as possible in order to have their shares registered into the book-entry system. The shareholders are contacted because, in accordance with Section 10 (2) of Chapter 4 of the Finnish Companies Act, Sampo plc's General Meeting may on 27 April 2017 resolve on the forfeiture of the shareholder rights related to the so-called unclaimed shares on the joint book-entry account.

Sampo plc joined the book-entry system on 12 September 1997. Approximately 1.2 per cent of Sampo shares have not been registered into the book-entry system.

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