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Sampo plc cancels repurchased shares

Sampo plc has, in line with the decision by the Board of Directors, cancelled 16,681,839 own A shares of the company and the cancellation has today been registered with the Finnish Trade Register. The cancelled shares were repurchased under the share buyback programme disclosed on 9 June 2022.

The cancellation reduces the number of issued Sampo A shares with the corresponding amount but has no effect on the share capital. After the cancellation, the total number of issued Sampo A shares is 516,379,512 and the total number of votes attached to these shares is 516,379,512. Prior to the cancellation of the own shares, there were in total 533,061,351 issued Sampo A shares. After the cancellation, the total number of Sampo shares, including 200,000 B shares, amounts to 516,579,512 shares. The total number of votes attached to the shares is 517,379,512.

Since the start of its first share buyback programme in October 2021, Sampo has repurchased and cancelled 38.8 million shares, corresponding to 7.0 per cent of the total number of shares prior to the share buyback programme launched in October 2021.

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