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Long-Term Incentives

Long-term incentive schemes are offered to commit key employees to Sampo Group for a longer period of time. The schemes are designed to align the participants’ interests with those of the shareholders by linking the payout of the schemes not only to certain performance criteria but also to the positive development of Sampo’s share price. The invitation to participate in a long-term incentive scheme is intended to give a strong recognition signal.

Terms and Conditions of the Long-term Incentive Schemes

Scheme 2014:1 2014:1/2 2017:1
Allocated incentive units (pcs) 2,873,850 61,500 4,092,000
of which to Group Executive Committee members* 1,274,000 0 1,541,000
of which to Group CEO* 350,000 0 300,000
Starting price (EUR)  38.26  43.38 43.81
Dividend adjusted starting price (EUR) 31.86  38.93 43.81
Theoretical market value (EURm)** 38.7 0.5 20.7
Persons 105 6 117
Terms Terms Terms Terms

* Figures represent the unused part of the allocation. 
** Calculation based on Black & Scholes model. Insurance margin and return on capital at risk criteria assumed to be fullfilled 100 per cent.

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Updated 01/03/2018