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Forms of Remuneration

Fixed Compensation

Fixed compensation is the basis of an employee's remuneration package. Fixed salary shall be fair and competitive but not leading in the market. As a rule, fixed salary shall be based on the employee's general responsibility level and position in the organization. Local collective agreements set the framework for salary development for most of the Sampo Group employees.

Variable Compensation

Variable compensation is used to ensure the competitiveness of total remuneration packages. Variable compensation can either be based on the contribution to the company's profitability and on individual performance (short-term incentive programs) or be linked to committing employees to Sampo Group for a longer period and aligning the employees' interests with those of the shareholders by linking the payout to the positive development of the company's share price (long-term incentive schemes).

Short-term incentives
Long-term incentives


Pensions are based on collective agreements and/or reflect conditions in the relevant labor markets. New pension plans shall be of defined contribution nature.

Other Benefits

Other benefits are based on local practices in the relevant labor markets.

Updated 2 Jan 2020