Rating overview and the rating history for the Group companies for the past three years.


The ratings of the Sampo Group companies
9 August 2023

  Moody's  Standard
and Poor's
Company Rating Outlook Rating Outlook
Sampo plc - Issuer Credit Rating A3 Positive A Stable
If P&C Insurance Ltd - Insurance Financial Strength Rating A1 Positive AA- Stable
If P&C Insurance Holding Ltd (publ) - Issuer Credit Rating - - A Stable

Further information on rating definitions etc can be found on the websites of the rating agencies:

Issuer credit rating
Sampo plc

Time Moody's, rating Moody's, outlook S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q2/2023 A3 Positive A Stable
Q1/2023 A3 Positive A Stable
Q4/2022 A3 Positive A Stable
Q3/2022 A3 Positive A Stable
Q2/2022 A3 Positive A Stable
Q1/2022 A3 Stable A Stable
Q4/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q3/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q2/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q1/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q4/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q3/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q2/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q1/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q4/2019 A3 Stable A Stable
Q3/2019 A3 Stable A Stable

Insurance financial strength rating
If P&C Insurance Ltd (Sweden) 

Time Moody's, rating Moody's, outlook S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q2/2023 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q1/2023 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q4/2022 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q3/2022 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q2/2022 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q1/2022 A1 Stable A+ Positive
Q4/2021 A1 Stable A+ Positive
Q3/2021 A1 Stable A+ Positive
Q2/2021 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q1/2021 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q4/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q3/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q2/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q1/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q4/2019 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q3/2019 A1 Stable A+ Stable


Issuer credit rating
If P&C Insurance Holding Ltd (publ)

Time S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q2/2023 A Stable
Q1/2023 A Stable
Q4/2022 A Stable
Q3/2022 A Stable
Q2/2022 A Stable
Q1/2022 A Stable
Q4/2021 A Stable
Q3/2021 A Stable
Q2/2021 A Stable
Q1/2021 A Stable
Q4/2020 A Stable
Q3/2020 A Stable
Q2/2020 A Stable
Q1/2020 A Stable
Q4/2019 A Stable

Issuer Default Rating (IDR)
Hastings Group (Finance) Plc

Time Fitch Ratings, rating Fitch Ratings, outlook
Q2/2023* - -
Q1/2023 A Stable
Q4/2022 A- Positive
Q3/2022 A- Positive
Q2/2022 A- Positive
Q1/2022 A- Positive
Q4/2021 A- Positive
Q3/2021 A- Positive
Q2/2021 A- Positive
Q1/2021 A- Positive
Q4/2020 A- Stable

* Rating on Hastings was discontinued during Q2/2023 due to no outstanding debt issues.