Rating overview and the rating history for the Group companies for the past three years.


The ratings of the Sampo Group companies
10 May 2023

  Moody's  Standard
and Poor's
Company Rating Outlook Rating Outlook Rating Outlook
Sampo plc - Issuer Credit Rating A3 Positive A Stable - -
If P&C Insurance Ltd - Insurance Financial Strength Rating A1 Positive AA- Stable - -
If P&C Insurance Holding Ltd (publ) - Issuer Credit Rating - - A Stable - -
Mandatum Life Insurance Company - Issuer Credit Rating - - A Stable - -
Hastings Group (Finance) Plc - Issuer Default Rating (IDR) - - - - A Stable

Further information on rating definitions etc can be found on the websites of the rating agencies:

Issuer credit rating
Sampo plc

Time Moody's, rating Moody's, outlook S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q1/2023 A3 Positive A Stable
Q4/2022 A3 Positive A Stable
Q3/2022 A3 Positive A Stable
Q2/2022 A3 Positive A Stable
Q1/2022 A3 Stable A Stable
Q4/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q3/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q2/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q1/2021 A3 Stable A Stable
Q4/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q3/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q2/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q1/2020 A3 Stable A Stable
Q4/2019 A3 Stable A Stable
Q3/2019 A3 Stable A Stable
Q2/2019 A3 Stable A Stable

Insurance financial strength rating
If P&C Insurance Ltd (Sweden) 

Time Moody's, rating Moody's, outlook S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q1/2023 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q4/2022 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q3/2022 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q2/2022 A1 Positive AA- Stable
Q1/2022 A1 Stable A+ Positive
Q4/2021 A1 Stable A+ Positive
Q3/2021 A1 Stable A+ Positive
Q2/2021 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q1/2021 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q4/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q3/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q2/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q1/2020 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q4/2019 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q3/2019 A1 Stable A+ Stable
Q2/2019 A1 Stable A+ Stable


Issuer credit rating
If P&C Insurance Holding Ltd (publ)

Time S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q1/2023 A Stable
Q4/2022 A Stable
Q3/2022 A Stable
Q2/2022 A Stable
Q1/2022 A Stable
Q4/2021 A Stable
Q3/2021 A Stable
Q2/2021 A Stable
Q1/2021 A Stable
Q4/2020 A Stable
Q3/2020 A Stable
Q2/2020 A Stable
Q1/2020 A Stable
Q4/2019 A Stable

Issuer credit rating
Mandatum Life Insurance Company

Time S&P, rating S&P, outlook
Q2/2023 A Stable
Q1/2023 A+ Negative
Q4/2022 AA- Stable
Q3/2022 AA- Stable
Q2/2022 AA- Stable
Q1/2022 A+ Positive
Q4/2021 A+ Positive
Q3/2021 A+ Positive
Q2/2021 A+ Stable
Q1/2021 A+ Stable
Q4/2020 A+ Stable
Q3/2020 A+ Stable
Q2/2020 A+ Stable
Q1/2020 A+ Stable
Q4/2019 A+ Stable
Q3/2019 A+ Stable

Issuer Default Rating (IDR)
Hastings Group (Finance) Plc

Time Fitch Ratings, rating Fitch Ratings, outlook
Q1/2023 A Stable
Q4/2022 A- Positive
Q3/2022 A- Positive
Q2/2022 A- Positive
Q1/2022 A- Positive
Q4/2021 A- Positive
Q3/2021 A- Positive
Q2/2021 A- Positive
Q1/2021 A- Positive
Q4/2020 A- Stable