Board and management shareholdings

The holdings of Sampo A shares of the Board of Directors and the members of the Executive Committee. Transactions are disclosed via stock exchange releases.

Board member Shares
23 May 2023
Shares after
latest transaction
Antti Mäkinen (Chair) 5,828  
Jannica Fagerholm (Vice Chair) 7,597  
Christian Clausen 37,819  
Fiona Clutterbuck 2,853  
Georg Ehrnrooth 128,681  
Johanna Lamminen 2,695  
Steve Langan 673  
Risto Murto 4,449  
Markus Rauramo 1,668  
Annica Witschard 0  


Member of the Executive Committee Shares
31 Dec 2022
Shares after
latest transaction
Torbjörn Magnusson (Group CEO) 46,480  
Knut Arne Alsaker 39,646  
Ingrid Janbu Holthe 1,875  
Patrick Lapveteläinen 276,423  
Petri Niemisvirta 93,470  
Morten Thorsrud 61,344  
Ricard Wennerklint 45,200