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Board Shareholdings

The holdings of Sampo A shares of the Board of Directors. Transactions are disclosed via stock exchange releases.

Board Member Shares,
31 May 2022
Shares after
latest transaction
Björn Wahlroos (Chair) 1,888,362*  
Jannica Fagerholm (Vice Chair) 6,647  
Christian Clausen 37,299  
Fiona Clutterbuck 2,185  
Georg Ehrnrooth 127,962  
Johanna Lamminen 2,055  
Steve Langan 0  
Risto Murto 3,853  
Markus Rauramo 1,083  

*In addition to the approximately 1.9 million Sampo A shares under Björn Wahlroos’ control, he has exposure to 1.7 million shares through an equity swap. Thus, his total exposure is approximately 3.6 million shares, corresponding to 0.7 per cent of the total shares in Sampo.

Managers' Transactions Releases

Updated 31 May 2022