Sampo has published a supplement to the demerger prospectus for Mandatum


Sampo has published a supplement to the demerger prospectus prepared and published by Sampo on behalf of Mandatum plc in order to carry out the partial demerger of Sampo plc and listing of Mandatum’s shares on Nasdaq Helsinki. The Finnish language version of the supplement has been approved by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The demerger prospectus supplement document contains non-audited January–June 2023 financial information of Mandatum Holding, which has been presented according to the new segments of Mandatum's financial reporting. In addition to this, it contains updates related to the new management model of Mandatum Group and changes in the Mandatum subgroup companies. The Finnish-language supplement and its unofficial English translation are available, together with the previously published demerger prospectus and its unofficial English translation, at

The Annual General Meeting of Sampo plc, held on 17 May 2023, approved the Board’s proposal to separate Mandatum from Sampo Group through a partial demerger. In the demerger, all of the shares in Mandatum Holding Ltd and related assets and liabilities will transfer without a liquidation procedure to Mandatum plc. As demerger consideration, Sampo shareholders would receive one new share in Mandatum plc, the company to be incorporated in the demerger on the effective date of the demerger, which is expected to be 1 October 2023, for each existing series A or series B share in Sampo plc.

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