Political involvement and lobbying

In accordance with the Sampo Group Code of Conduct, political involvement of any kind is prohibited if it is being done on the company’s behalf.

Sampo Group employees have the right to participate in political activities and may volunteer their own time and resources to support the candidates and political parties of their choice. However, these activities must in no way suggest that Sampo Group or any of the Group companies are supporting or financing the political candidate or party in question

Sampo Group supports the transparency and integrity of lobbying practices to openly declare the Group companies’ business interests and to prevent any conflict of such practices with public international conventions (e.g. ILO, OECD) or Sampo Group’s commitments (e.g. UN Global Compact, UN PRI).

The Sampo Group companies must not obtain or try to obtain information or any decision in a dishonest manner, or to misrepresent themselves with the aim of misleading third parties and/or employees of public authorities. Furthermore, the Group companies must ensure they do not induce any employees of public authorities to contravene the rules of behaviour that are applicable to them and ensure they respect their obligation of confidentiality.

The Group companies may engage either directly or indirectly with policymakers on relevant topics. However, it should be noted that activities influencing policy must be aligned with Sampo Group’s principles and public commitments.

Sampo plc and its subsidiaries are members of industry associations such as Finance Finland, Insurance Sweden, Finance Norway, Insurance and Pension Denmark and the Confederation of Finnish Industries. The companies seek to influence policy and legislation, for example, EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan, Solvency II, and national legislation, primarily through active participation in the work of industry association committees.

Contributions and other spending, EUR
Sampo Group

  2022 2021
Lobbying, interest representation, or similar 335,465 391,381
Local, regional, or national political campaigns / organisations / candidates 0 0
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups (e.g. think tanks) 4,571,930 4,625,072
Other (e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums) 0 0
Sampo Group, total 4,907,395 5,016,453


Political contributions*, EUR
Sampo Group

  2022 2021 2020
If 0 0 0
Topdanmark 0 0 0
Hastings 0 0 0
Mandatum 0 0 0
Sampo plc 0 0 0
Sampo Group, total 0 0 0

* Political involvement of any kind (e.g. participation in political activities and direct or indirect political contributions, such as financial donations, loans, charitable contributions, sponsorships, and support of organisations funding political campaigns/parties) being done on the company’s behalf.


Contribution to industry associations, EUR
Sampo Group

  2021 2020 2019
Finance Finland 671,009 740,670 576,375
Insurance Sweden 417,451 619,744 604,612
Finance Norway 1,185,328 1,118,593 1,273,743
Insurance and Pension Denmark 2,351,285 2,303,957 2,242,449
Total 4,625,072 4,784,984 4,697,179