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Sampo Group companies want to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they conduct business.

The Group companies do this by offering a range of insurance products and other financial services that increase safety and well-being of society, as well as working together with stakeholders and partnering with local and international organizations. Profitable business also enables Sampo Group to promote the development of society as a significant taxpayer.

The Group companies want to engage with their stakeholders on multiple topics and, when possible, offer support, for example, by sharing the companies’ expertise or time. The intention is to engage in activities and dialogue that are best aligned with the purposes of each individual Group company and their stakeholders. The aim of stakeholder engagement is to build trust between the Group companies and their stakeholders and to seek common benefits.

Sampo Group’s community engagement framework is focused on three themes: Climate and Environment, Health and Well-Being, and Safety and Education. These themes guide the Group’s stakeholder engagement and dialogue, donations, and other humanitarian efforts, and the related reporting. The themes also link tightly to the overall strategies of the Group companies, which are about providing safety and well-being through high-quality insurance operations.

Community Engagement Framework
Sampo Group

In addition, the community engagement activities of the Sampo Group companies support the Group’s selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the SDGs that individual Group companies have selected.

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