Sampo has been listed on the Helsinki stock exchange since 1988 and is nowadays one of the most valuable companies on Nasdaq Helsinki. Sampo is also dual listed on Nasdaq Stockholm through Swedish Depositary Receipts (SDRs).

Basic information on Sampo's share


Sampo plc's share is included, for example, in the following indices:


  • Bloomberg Europe Insurance
  • Bloomberg World Insurance
  • EURO STOXX Financials
  • EURO STOXX Insurance
  • EURO STOXX Large
  • EURO STOXX TMI / Financials
  • HSBC ESG Risk Improvers
  • MSCI World Custom ESG Climate Series A
  • N Financials
  • N Insurance
  • Nasdaq Future Global Sustainability Leaders
  • OMX Helsinki 25
  • OMX Helsinki 25 ESG Responsible
  • OMX Helsinki Financials
  • OMX Helsinki Insurance
  • OMX Nordic 40
  • OMX Nordic Large Cap 
  • S&P Global 1200
  • STOXX Europe 600
  • STOXX Europe 600 Financials
  • STOXX Europe 600 Insurance (capped)
  • STOXX Europe 600 Low Carbon
  • STOXX Europe Large 200 
  • STOXX Europe Sustainability
  • STOXX Europe TMI
  • STOXX Global 1800
  • STOXX Nordic 30 EUR

Redemption obligation

Sampo plc's Articles of Association contain a clause regarding redemption of shares. A shareholder whose holding of all shares or of all votes relating to the shares reaches or exceeds 33 1/3 per cent or 50 per cent, is obliged to redeem, at the presentation of claims by other shareholders, their shares and the documents giving entitlement to the shares, as stipulated in the Finnish Companies Act, in the manner more specifically prescribed in Article 16 of the Articles of Association.

Frequently asked questions about Sampo’s share

Sampo has A shares and B shares. All Sampo's B shares are owned by Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company. The number of A shares is 501,596,752 and the number of B shares is 200,000.

Sampo’s A share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. The stock is also traded on several different market places as well.

In Nasdaq Helsinki, the ticker for Sampo’s A share is SAMPO and ISIN number FI4000552500.

Splitting shares means dividing the company's entire stock into two or more parts. In this case, the number of shares increases, and the value of the individual share decreases in the same proportion. For the shareholder, this means that the number of shares owned by the shareholder increases, but the value of his ownership remains the same. If the value of the share was 10 euros and it is split in a ratio of 1:2, it means that after the split the shareholder has two shares worth 5 euros instead of one share worth 10 euros.

Sampo’s share has been split twice.

  • 24 October 1997, 1:4
  • 23 April 2001, 1:5

The Annual General Meeting of 2023 authorised Sampo's Board of Directors to resolve on a potential share issue without payment (share split). So far, Sampo's Board has not resolved on the matter.

Decisions of Sampo's Annual General Meeting 2023internal link

No, Sampo has not issued any preferred shares.

The largest shareholders registered in Finland are listed on our Shareholders pageinternal link

The list is updated monthly, and it does not include nominee registered shareholders.

Swedish Depositary Receipts are securities that are quoted in Swedish kronor (SEK) and are equivalent to shares. Their holders are entitled to dividends and to exercise their voting rights at the Annual General Meeting in the same way as shareholders. It is possible to convert Sampo’s shares listed on Nasdaq Helsinki into Swedish Depositary Receipts, which are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm. Finnish shareholders cannot own Sampo’s Swedish Depositary Receipts, as pursuant to Finnish law, Finns are not allowed to have holdings in Finnish companies through a nominee register or a similar structure.

IR blog: Sampo SDR - Q&Ainternal link

Euroclearexternal link maintains Sampo’s statutory, up-to-date shareholders’ register. Enquiries can be made to Euroclear by telephone at +358 20 770 6539.

You may enquire your custodian (typically your bank) for your existing Sampo shares and their disposal and/or acquisition history.

Once the paper share certificates had been cancelled, the shareholder should have requested a bank to transfer the cancelled paper share certificates to a book-entry account in digital format. If no such request has been made before the 31 October 2017 deadline set by Sampo plc, the paper share certificates have been forfeited despite the cancellation since the transfer process of the shares has not been completed.

Sampo plc’s Annual General Meeting held on 27 April 2017 resolved that the rights to shares in the book-entry system and the rights carried by the shares will be forfeited with regard to shares in the joint account. Paper share certificates possibly found after the cancellation do not have any value and they can no longer be transferred to a book-entry account.

Additional information on the value of the shares can be found on our website: Share monitorinternal link

Additional information on the tax treatment of the shares can be found on the Finnish Tax Administrations websiteexternal link