Investment calculator

With this investment calculator you can determine the current value, valuation development and dividend yield of a given number of stocks invested at a specific value. You may also include the effect of dividends re-invested in Sampo shares in the calculation.

In this investment calculator, share price, dividend and total return have been adjusted for the Mandatum spin-off in 2023.

How does the investment calculator work?

  • In the Calculator tab, select the investment date. This is the date when you have invested in Sampo. You can select the date from the calendar in the “From” field. You can also change the date in the “To” field if you want to specify a timeline in the past.

  • Enter the invested amount in euros or the number of shares you own. You can use a decimal point to separate whole numbers and decimals.

  • If you have re-invested the dividends, select the dividend reinvestment option. 

  • Press the “Calculate” button. The investment calculator shows you the value and return of your investment. You can see how the value of your investment has developed, how much you have received in dividends, and what is the investment yield in percentages.