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Privacy notice

Sampo plc ("Sampo") has committed to protect the privacy of the users of this website in accordance with the applicable legislation. This privacy notice describes

i. what information Sampo collects about the users of the website;
ii. the purpose of processing the information;
iii. our cookie policy;
iv. how information is disclosed to third parties; and
v. the terms of use of this website and the rights of the user.

Collecting and Processing the Information

What Information Sampo Collects and How?

Sampo collects information about the users of this website in two ways:

(1) The users are offered a service by which they may subscribe to the releases of Sampo to their e-mail address. If the user subscribes to the releases, information is collected from the user him-/herself.
(2) Additionally information is collected by using cookies in connection with the browsing.

The following information can be collected about the user:

  • e-mail address of the subscriber (necessary information) and possibly name and the company they represent (voluntary information); and
  • information collected by using cookies (defined in more detail below).

Personal data, i.e. information identifiable as concerning an individual user, is collected only in connection with the subscription of releases, if the user provides his/her name or if their e-mail address is considered identifiable. Other information collected does not constitute personal data.

Purpose of Processing the Information

The information is processed for the purposes of

  • providing the user with the releases subscribed; and
  • user-specific personalization of the website, analysis and compilation of statistics about the website and development of the website by using cookies, Google Analytics and SIteimprove Analytics.

In other words, with cookies information is collected only for statistical purposes, and the user cannot be identified with such information. Cookies can be disabled anytime in accordance with the instructions later in this notice for changing browser settings, or disabling Google Analytics or Siteimprove Analytics.

Sampo's business is to engage in investment activities and to carry out centrally-managed Group administration tasks for the companies that are part of the Group. Thus, the user information is not collected for customer relationships or marketing purposes, nor shall be transferred to the subsidiaries.

Subscription to Releases

The subscription service is produced in collaboration with Intrado ("Intrado"). Subscriber's information is transferred encrypted to the release publication system of Intrado. The information can be reviewed by the designated employees of Sampo that need the access for the information to perform their duties, and the employees of Intrado responsible for the system, and the service and its maintenance. The information shall be retained as long as the subscription is in force.The subscriber may cancel the subscription by filling the unsubscribe-form on the website. The subscription is terminated immediately. The information is deleted from the release publication system of Intrado and the systems of Sampo once a month.

Description of Data File

Web Analytics on the Website

Sampo uses Google Analytics and Siteimprove Analytics web analytics service on this website. The service is used to, inter alia, collect information about the website traffic and the browsers and devices used. The purpose for collecting the information is to develop the contents and the technical features of the website. In order to protect the users' privacy, Sampo's Google Analytics and Siteimprove Analytics accounts anonymize the IP addresses.

Google Analytics stores the information in accordance with Google's terms of use as in force from time to time from 25 April 2018 on for 26 months. SIteimprove Analytics stores the information for as long as its web analytics service is used on this website.

Google Analytics

More information about information collected and processed by Google Analytics
Google Analytics Data Privacy and Security Principles
Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Siteimprove Analytics

More information about Siteimprove Analytics cookies
Siteimprove Data Privacy: Cookie Tracking FAQ
Siteimprove Data Privacy Overview

Cookie policy

Cookies and Their Use on the Website

Websites use cookies to improve the site functionality and user experience by enabling efficient browsing and saving of the user's settings. The cookie remembers the user and can be saved for the duration of one visit on the website or longer.

A cookie is a small text file sent by the website server to the device of the user in order to identify and re-identify it. Only the server that saved the cookie may process or read the contents of the cookie. The information collected by using cookies includes for example the following:

  • service provider (operator);
  • location (country, geographical area, city);
  • operating system;
  • device (computer, tablet, mobile device),
  • model of the mobile device;
  • browser and its language version;
  • display resolution;
  • the pages the user visited on the website;
  • number of visitors per page;
  • entry and exit pages;
  • website's download time;
  • documents downloaded from the website (pdf, excel);
  • time and duration of the visit;
  • behavior: new or returning visitor, visiting frequency;
  • notifications shown on the website (cookie notification, expired browser notification); and
  • personalization choices (functionality on or off).

The user cannot be identified with the information, nor do the cookies enable review of the information stored in the user's device. Sampo does not disclose the information collected by using cookies to any third parties.

Managing Cookies

The user may disable all cookies or limit them by changing the browser settings. It is also possible to delete all already saved cookies but this may lead to inactivity of certain website functionalities. Alternatively browser settings may be set to notify the user about all cookies to be sent in advance.

Changing of cookie settings in most common browsers:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Instructions related to the use of browsers are normally available in the browser menu.

Third Party Cookies

This website contains contents and services provided by third parties, such as social media service providers. Sampo does not control the cookies used by these contents or services, if any. Each service provider may collect information about the visitors in accordance with their terms and conditions as in force from time to time, and serves as the registrar in relation to the collected information.

Regular Disclosure of Information

Sampo can disclose information collected to Intrado, in connection with the subscription of releases, Google, other possible subcontractors and authorities in accordance with the legislation as in force from time to time. In addition to the aforementioned, information can be disclosed to any third parties in a form where individual user cannot be identified. In that case the information does not constitute personal data.

Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA area

Pursuant to the use of Google Analytics, some of the information collected on the website may be located on servers physically located outside the EU or the EEA.

Website Terms of Use

By accessing the website, the user agrees with and commits to the terms of use of the website.

Terms of use

Rights of the User

Information is collected by using cookies only for statistical purposes and the user cannot be identified with such information. However, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 entitles the user to check their information in the registers, as well as to demand rectification of any incorrect information and in certain circumstances erasure of their information, right to restrict and object the processing, and otherwise use their rights guaranteed by the legislation in force from time to time.

The information request shall include the following information:

  • The name, address, personal identification number, e-mail address and telephone number of the person making the request;
  • The period of time during which the information is requested;
  • A copy of the person's driving license, passport or official authority issued identity document.

The information request shall be sent in writing and personally signed by regular mail or e-mail to the address available below in section Contacts. The request can also be delivered in person.

A reasonable compensation may be charged for the provision of information if less than one year has passed since the previous instance of providing the user with access to the information.


The registrar of the collected information is Sampo plc. Any queries related to this privacy notice, keeping of the register and processing of information as well as access to the information about the user shall be sent by e-mail to privacy(at) or by regular mail to:

Sampo plc / Corporate Legal Affairs
Fabianinkatu 27
00100 Helsinki

Updates to This Notice

Sampo reserves the right to update this privacy notice.


Updated 12 Oct 2022