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Brand and Logomark

Sampo was founded in 1909. Since then, the Sampo logomark and visual identity have evolved with changing times and needs.

History of the Sampo logo

The history of the logomark together with a short animation are available below.

History of the Sampo Logo (YouTube)

Video - 28 Sep 2021

​Sampo plc's emblem is the Sampo Group logomark that found its current design in the early 2000s. Sampo’s visual identity is displayed on the company’s website and social media channels and used in Sampo’s publications and events.

The history of the Sampo logomark traces its roots to the foundation years of the company at the dawn of the 20th century. Since then, the logomark and logo has evolved with changing times and needs, as has the company’s visual identity. Sampo has operated in the insurance and banking businesses, and its visual identity has gone through many changes over the years.  The Sampo logomark was designed by Kyösti Varis in 1980 and updated into its present form in the early 2000s.

Sampo’s visual identity is based on the logomark, the use of select colours and fonts, as well as the abstract motifs typical for Sampo. Sampo’s look reflects the cornerstones of its business: stability, responsibility, risk management and expertise. The company seeks to maintain an elegant and dignified, yet modern style.

A brand is more than just a logomark: a strong brand is a sign of awareness and appreciation. Sampo's brand became a household name when Sampo was an insurance company, and awareness increased even further after the Group entered banking as a result of the Sampo-Leonia merger. At the time, the company had a visible high-street presence, serving both private and corporate customers directly.

The Sampo plc of today is the parent company of the Sampo Group, which owns insurance companies and thus has no direct engagement with customers. Sampo does not market or advertise at Group level. Rather, its subsidiaries If, Topdanmark, Hastings and Mandatum each deal with their own customers and have their own logomarks, visual identities and brand strategies. Each of these companies is independently responsible for building awareness of their own brands.

Download Sampo Group logo
Sampo logo guide (PDF)


Updated 14 Dec 2021