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Sampo Group operates in the insurance and banking sector and employs almost 10,000 professionals of various fields, such as financial specialists, mathematicians, IT developers, investment managers, legal counsels, accountants and sales consultants, as well as people from various other professions. We provide a range of interesting career opportunities for experts in different fields and in a number of countries.

Sampo Group operates in four business areas that have been divided into three subsidiaries – If, Topdanmark and Mandatum Life – and one associate company, Nordea. Sampo Group's parent company is Sampo plc. Sampo plc has no business activities of its own but administers the subsidiaries and is responsible for centralised functions in Sampo Group such as investments, group finance, risk management and investor relations.

Sampo Group employs approximately 9,509 people, 70 per cent of whom work in If, 24 per cent in Topdanmark, 6 per cent in Mandatum Life and less than 1 per cent in the parent company Sampo plc.

In geographical terms, 31 per cent of the Group's personnel is located in Denmark, 24 per cent in Finland, 22 per cent in Sweden and 14 per cent in Norway.


Information on vacancies in Sampo Group is available on the subsidiaries' websites.

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Updated 03/08/2019