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Strategy and Objectives

Sampo Group creates value for its shareholders through efficient and profitable businesses and by investments in situations offering significant upside potential with manageable downside risk. Sampo aims to pay an attractive divided to its shareholders. Through its products and services, Sampo Group, for its part, aims to contribute to the well-being and safety of society.

On a Group level Sampo has no stated strategy but its businesses If, Topdanmark and Mandatum Life have well-defined strategies. The parent company Sampo plc sets financial targets for fully-owned subsidiaries If and Mandatum Life. For both If and Mandatum Life the return on equity (RoE) target is to exceed 17.5 per cent.

For If, an additional target has been set for the combined ratio. If’s combined ratio guidance for each year is presented in the financial statement release for the previous year. For 2020 it is 82-84 per cent. The guidance will be reviewed quarterly.

Topdanmark has set the combined ratio target for 91 per cent excluding run-off results.

If's strategy and objectives
Mandatum Life's strategy and objectives
Hastings' strategy and objectives
Topdanmark's strategy and objectives


Updated 21 Jan 2021