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Annual Reports

Sampo publishes its Annual Reports online. To receive a comprehensive view of the company, visit our Annual Report Archive.

Annual Report 2017

Sampo publishes its Annual Reports online.

The Annual Report includes key information on Sampo Group's financial performance, risk management and governance.

The report is complemented with an extensive glossary on insurance terms and several functions and tools; the user can, for example, generate his/her own PDF report by selecting pages. The selected pages can be saved and printed. The Annual Report is designed for tablets and mobile devices.


Annual Report Archive

Sampo's Annual Report Archive can be found online.

Sampo's archive contains all of the annual reports published throughout the company's history as a listed company, as well as the last annual reports of the former Sampo Mutual Insurance Company and old annual reports of If P&C, Mandatum Life and Sampo Life. The responsive archive can be viewed easily with different devices.

You can learn about Sampo's history through old archived photographs and the annual reports that have been saved in PDF format. Old annual reports can be downloaded to the user's computer. In addition, the company's latest online annual reports can be accessed via links from the archive.The contents of the archive can be shared via email or in social media outlets.


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Updated 03/13/2018