Sampo plc has an Auditor that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) selects based on a proposal of the Audit Committee. 

The Auditor must be an auditing firm authorised by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The Auditor's term of office lasts from their election until the end of the following AGM. The AGM decides on the auditing fees payable to the Auditor.

The auditor of Sampo plc is Deloitte Ltd, Authorised Public Accountant and the principally responsible auditor is Jukka Vattulainen, APA.

The auditors for other Sampo Group companies are as follows:

  • If: Deloitte
  • Topdanmark: KPMG
  • Hastings Deloitte

The total fees paid to the auditor for auditing and non-auditing servicesdownload file  (Corporate Governance Statement 2023, page 32)