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Sampo Group's remuneration strategy is responsible towards employees and shareholders. This means that the long-term financial stability and value creation of Sampo Group guide the remuneration design.

The starting point of any remuneration mechanism is to encourage and stimulate employees to do their best and surpass their targets. However, remuneration mechanisms shall not generate conflicts of interest and shall not entice or encourage employees to excessive or unwanted risk-taking. Risk sensitive but fair and rewarding remuneration mechanisms enhance Sampo Group's ability to create stakeholder and shareholder value.

The different forms of remuneration used in Sampo Group are fixed and variable remuneration as well as pension and other benefits.

More information on the forms of remuneration

Sampo Group Remuneration Principles

The Board of Directors has established the Sampo Group Remuneration Principles, which apply to all Sampo Group companies. The Remuneration Principles are part of Sampo Group's internal governance framework and describe the remuneration structure and the principles for setting up remuneration systems in Sampo Group. The Remuneration Principles may apply to the Group CEO, insofar as they do not conflict with Sampo plc’s Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies.

Sampo Group Remuneration Principles (PDF)

Sampo plc's Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies

Sampo plc's Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies is a part of Sampo's internal governance structure and is presented to Sampo´s general meeting at least every four years. The remuneration Policy defines how the remuneration of Sampo’s Group CEO and President (“Group CEO”), the Group CEO’s possible deputy and the members of the company’s Board of Directors has been arranged.

Sampo plc´s Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies (PDF)

Sampo Group Remuneration Statement

Sampo Group Remuneration Statement

Updated 3 Sep 2020