Principles, policies and statements

Sampo Group's governance documents are listed below. Some of the documents are not public and therefore are not available for download. The Corporate Governance Statement and reports on remuneration are available for the past 10 years in the Annual reporting pages.

Document Date Publicity Download
Sampo Group      
Code of Conduct 13 Dec 2023 public PDFdownload file
Compliance Principles 3 Nov 2021 public PDFdownload file
Data Privacy Statement 9 Aug 2023 public PDFdownload file
Disclosure and Communication Policy 8 Feb 2024 public PDFdownload file
Guideline for Required Internal Procedures to Prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing 9 Aug 2023 public PDFdownload file
Guidelines for Insiders 8 Nov 2023 public PDFdownload file
Information Security Principles 10 May 2023 public PDFdownload file
Remuneration Principles   non-public  
Risk Management Principles 27 Mar 2024 public PDFdownload file
Sampo plc      
Articles of Association 21 Jun 2023 public PDFdownload file
Corporate Governance Statement 2023 19 Mar 2024 public PDFdownload file
Data Security Policy   non-public  
Diversity Policy 2 Nov 2022 public PDFdownload file
Investment Policy   non-public  
Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies 2020 public PDFdownload file
Remuneration Policy for Personnel   non-public  
Remuneration Report 2023 19 Mar 2024 public PDFdownload file
If ( / / / /      
Anti-Fraud Instruction   non-public  
Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy*   non-public  
Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Instructions*   non-public  
Business Instruction - Personal Data Breach Process**   non-public  
Compliance Policy   non-public  
Conflicts of Interest Policy   non-public  
Ethics Policy   public  
Fit and Proper Policy   non-public  
HR Policy   non-public  
Information Security Policy   non-public  
Internal Control Policy   non-public  
Investment Policy***   non-public  
Operational Risk Policy   non-public  
Personal Data Policy   non-public  
Personal Data Privacy Instructions   non-public  
Purchasing Instructions   non-public  
Remuneration Policy   non-public  
Risk Management Policy   non-public  
Supplier Code of Conduct   public  
Sustainability Policy   non-public  
Underwriting Policy   non-public  
Topdanmark (      
Anti-Corruption Policy   public  
Climate and Environmental Policy   public  
Code of Conduct for Suppliers   public  
Code of Conduct, internal   public  
Customer Complaints Policy   public  
Data Privacy Policy   non-public  
Disclosure Policy   non-public  
Diversity Policy – Board of Directors   public  
Diversity Policy – Executive Functions in Topdanmark Group   public  
Engagement Policy (active ownership)   public  
Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence   public  
HR Policies   non-public  
Human Rights Policy   public  
Information on Personal Data Handling   public  
Information Security Policy   non-public  
Operational Risk, Compliance, and Internal Control Policy   non-public  
Procedures to Prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing   non-public  
Remuneration Policy   public  
Responsible Investment Policy   public  
Risk Management Policy   non-public  
Sustainability Policy   public  
Hastings (      
Accessibility Policy   public  
Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy   non-public  
Data Privacy Notice   public  
Group Conduct Policy   non-public  
Group Financial Practices Policy   non-public  
Group Information Governance Policy   non-public  
Group Risk Management Policy   non-public  
Group Supplier Dealings Policy   non-public  
Group Whistleblowing Policy   non-public  
HR Policies   non-public  
Information Security Policies   non-public  
Procurement Supplier Relationship Management and Policy Guidance   non-public  
Risk Policies   non-public  
Statement on Slavery   public  
Training and Competency Policy   non-public  
Whistleblowing Procedure   non-public  

* Not applicable for If P&C Insurance AS due to the local regulations in the Baltic countries.
** Not applicable for If P&C Insurance AS
*** In If P&C Insurance AS also the Baltic Investment Policy