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Internal Control

Internal control means all activities, which ensure that Sampo Group’s businesses are carried out towards desired targets in accordance with desired policies and practices and in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Accordingly, the tasks of internal control are performed by different actors starting from the top of the organization.

The organization of internal control and safeguarding its functioning and viability play a key role in the activities of the Board of Directors of Sampo plc. In order to ensure the proper running of operations, Sampo’s Board has approved Group-level policies and guidelines concern­ing corporate governance, financial target setting, risk management, remuneration, compliance, reporting and internal audit in conformity with and supplementing the existing legal and regulatory framework. With the policies and guidelines Sampo’s Board directs Group’s activities towards desired practices and, with appropriate control mechanisms provided by the policies, ensures that poten­tial deviations are discovered without undue delay.




Updated 20 Apr 2022