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Board Diversity

Sampo plc has a Diversity Policy for the Board of Directors. The aim of the policy is to ensure that the Board of Directors possesses the requisite knowledge and experience in the social, business, and cultural conditions of the regions and markets in which the main activities of the Group are carried out. In addition, the policy states that when electing the Board of Directors, a broad set of qualities and competencies are sought, and it is recognized that diversity, including age, gender, geographical provenance, and educational and professional background, are important factors to take into consideration.

The Sampo plc Board Diversity Policy states that both genders shall be represented on the Board of Directors. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee considers gender equality and ensures that both genders are always represented on the Board of Directors, and it has as its target a share of at least 37.5 per cent of the total number of members for both genders.

On December 31, 2021, the Board of Directors of Sampo plc consisted of three women and five men. The share of women was 37.5 per cent and, thus, the target was met. The average tenure of board members was 5 years according to the situation at the end of 2021.

Gender Distribution of the Board Members, Sampo plc, 31 December 2021


Length of Tenure of the Board Members, Sampo plc, 31 December 2021


Geographical Mix of the Board Members, Sampo plc, 31 December 2021


Educational Background of the Board Members, Sampo plc, 31 December 2021


The current composition of the Board

Updated 20 Apr 2022