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Corporate Responsibility

Sampo plc and whole Sampo Group is aware of its corporate responsibility and all group companies are dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens. Sampo is committed to developing its operations to further economic, social and environmental sustainability as is in the interests of the company and as is expected by its various stakeholders. Through its products and services Sampo Group, for its part, aims at contributing towards the well-being and safety of the society.

Sampo plc's Board of Directors is responsible for and has the ultimate oversight of group-level corporate responsibility issues. The board has assigned its Audit Committee to monitor the preparation of Sampo Group's non-financial reporting (Corporate Responsibility Report). On operational level, Sampo's Investor Relations and Group Communications organization is in charge of group-level corporate responsibility tasks and duties. At each subsidiary various business areas, operational departments and units are actively involved in Sampo Group's corporate responsibility endeavors.

Sampo will publish its first group-level Corporate Responsibility Report in June 2018, covering the period from 1 January to 31 December 2017. The report will provide further insight into Sampo's corporate responsibility activities. As of 2019 the Corporate Responsibility Report will be published annually as soon as possible after the publication of the Annual Report, however, no later than 30 June each year.

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Updated 03/13/2018