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2021: Important dates

Important dates related to the Annual General Meeting in 2021

17 Feb 2021 Shareholders' possible proposals to the Board of Directors for matters to be included in the AGM agenda *
17 Mar 2021 Stock Exchange Release: Notice of Meeting
19 May 2021 Annual General Meeting

*) A shareholder has the right to require a certain matter to be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting, providing the matter falls within the scope of competence of the Annual General Meeting. The request should be made in writing to the Board of Directors. The request should be delivered in time for it to be included in the Notice of Meeting. The request is considered to be delivered in time if the Board of Directors has been notified of the request at the latest four weeks before the Notice of Meeting is published.

Shareholders' proposals to the Board of Directors are to be sent to Sampo plc / Legal Matters, Fabianinkatu 27, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

Sampo monitors the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and the authorities’ recommendations relating to it. We will disclose further information on the practicalities of the Annual General Meeting during spring 2021.


Proposal of Sampo's Nomination and Remuneration Committee for the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors (11 February 2021)

Sampo's Nomination and Remuneration Committee's proposal for the number of members of the Board of Directors and the members of the Board of Directors (11 February 2021)

Sampo Group's results for 2020 (includes the dividend proposal, 11 February 2021)

Updated 11 Feb 2021